Living Trust vs. Will

When planning for the inevitable many individuals will come across the living trust vs. will decision in terms of how they plan on their assets being distributed and utilized after their death. There are many things to consider in how to utilize a living trust and a will effectively to ensure that your intentions are fully realized. This article will provide some instruction on when and how to utilize both features.

Living Trust

A living trust can provide a vehicle through which you can ensure property and assets you hold are managed how you intend, and also avoid some of the hassles that tie up the distribution of assets after death.


A will is also very important and some aspects of after death planning need to be addressed in a will, not a living trust.

Living Trust vs. Will

For estate planning a living trust may or may not be necessary, whereas a will is almost always necessary. When determining whether to set up a living trust as well you want to consider your specific circumstances and what you intend to be done with your assets. In addition to this you need to consider the cost related to setting up a living trust as for small estates the extra admin and legal costs may not be worth it.
By Jeffrey Glen

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